I'm Paul Annesley

I ride fixed — This is my bike. I built it.

I love coffee — tweaking the grind each day to turn seven grams of freshly roasted arabica seeds into a perfect 22 second flow of viscous caramel-hued espresso. Until somebody catches me off guard with a video camera.

I write code — I push it to because Git rocks, GitHub rocks, and open source rocks. My language of choice is Ruby, and I sometimes have some fun with Python, JavaScript, C, Objective-C, or whatever the flavour of the month happens to be.

I build the Internet — more specifically, I’m Lead Developer at 99designs, where I work with a team of awesome people on the cool tech required to scale millions of requests and terabytes of data into the much-hyped cloud that was once called the Internet.

This Site

This site is powered by ~180 lines of Ruby, written sans-framework upon Rack. From it will be extracted Piccolo, a near-weightless blog platform that reads posts, links and pages from flat-files containing HAML, YAML and Markdown. Inspired by toto, it’s ideal for running on Heroku. Piccolo will likely be ported to the Sinatra framework shortly — the bare-metal coding was half proof-of-concept and half golf, to be honest.

Update: Piccolo is now a ~77 line library providing an API to the YAML+Markdown content; posts and links. The site is otherwise powered by ~25 lines of rackup (legacy redirects etc) and ~36 lines of web application built on the excellent Sinatra.


This site was previously powered by a crazy-heavy stack of all sorts of cool open source HTTP-speaking components including Ruby, Sinatra, rFeedParser, CouchDB, Tokyo Cabinet + Tokyo Tyrant, Thin, nginx and Varnish. Carbon dated fossils show that ancient incarnations were powered by Django + Python, PHP, and even WordPress once upon a time.